Global Data Analytics

The first edition of ESOMAR’s Global Data Analytics is the global analysis of the size and segmentation of the insights industry's evolving data analytics sector.

Part of the Global Insights Overview package.

At a glance

The Global Data Analytics 2023 is the first edition of the annual series that will delve into the size, characteristics, and performance of the evolving sector of the insights industry – the data analytics sector. The inferences of the report are based on the data collected by national research associations, leading companies, independent analysts, and ESOMAR representatives from 15 countries. They are complemented by ESOMAR’s independent size estimations.

In the upcoming editions, ESOMAR intends to leverage its global presence by working with its partner associations worldwide to survey this sector of the insights industry in more detail.

What can I find inside?

The Global Data Analytics report is being released at the heels of the occasion when the turnover of the data analytics sector has surpassed the established market research sector for the first time. In 2022, the global insights industry expanded from US$ 119 billion to US$ 129 billion.

ESOMAR estimates that 39% of the global insights industry’s turnover to those companies primarily engaged in data analytics, including DaaS, SaaS and other research platforms, compared to 36% of market research firms (24% of reporting firms). In 2023, the data analytics sector is expected to maintain this trend to attain a turnover of US$ 56 billion in an insights industry slated to expand to US$ 141 billion.

The report covers:

  • Global and regional overview of the Data Analytics sector

  • Experts’ views on the sector’s expansion

  • Self-regulation and its role in data analysis

  • Insiders’ perspectives on the sector

  • Overview of the Top 20 Data Analytics companies