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Offering you overviews and analysis that you can reference for business investment plans, growth opportunities, research projects, market studies and more.

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You're operating in an increasingly complex international market, and being able to leverage insights and analysis that makes sense of new global trends is key to anticipating your next move.

That's where these reports and publications come in. Drafted by international project teams and renowned experts, these reports and publications are crafted for you by your peers and expert curators. If you're a member, you benefit from preferential rates on these resources able to put you heads and shoulders above the competition.

Country Market Research Report

Complementing the Global Market Research Report, the Country Reports provides you with a more in-depth look at individual national markets. Unlike the GMR, which offers you a complete overview of more than 100 insights and analytics markets. Discover the size and performance of the market research industry for the country using data collected by local experts in the field.

Evolution of the Insights & Analytics Industry, a forecast into 2023

Your companion to go deeper into the size, trends, and forecasts of the industry. Learn more about the key players to watch and benefit from commentary from your fellow industry peers.

Use the report to track the fundamental shifts occurring as data more broadly infiltrates organizations, and tech-driven tools and solutions expand their contributions to overall industry performance.

State of the Analytics & Insights Sector

Insights and analytics are evolving and innovating all of the time, so how do you keep up with state of the art? These industry papers written by your community experts delve deeper into the trends and issues facing you and your organisation to get the most out of your projects and teams.

Users & Buyers Global Insights Study 2021
The views of more than 800 users and buyers of insights and research
Users & Buyers Global Insights Study 2020
The views of 640 users and buyers of insights and research
Insights in Times of COVID-19
Better understand the extent of the impact the pandemic is having on the industry.
Demonstrate the Value of Investing in Customer Insight
Collating literature and in-depth interviews with business leaders from world-leading brands
Who Owns the Data?
A study conducted in partnership with Kadence International
Demonstrating the Advantage of Artificial Intelligence
How AI can deliver actionable insights in real time, uncover hidden truths and increase efficiency
(Wo)Man Vs Machine; From Competition to Collaboration
Choosing your battles between knowing when to think and when to automate
Catching the Exception
How Alpro used in-depth qualitative social media analysis to uncover unexpected usages of plant-based Alpro products.
Data integration tools with data analytics, visualization and dashboarding
Join insights and analytics expert Sjoerd Koornstra as he reviews insights and analytics software solutions
Insights Engines software
Join insights and analytics expert Sjoerd Koornstra as he reviews insights engine solutions on the market


Publications helping you with some of the basics of insights and analytics, market research and social research, and opinion polling.

A Guide to Certifying to ISO 20252
Helping you to reach globally accepted standards for insights and analytics
Handbook on Mobile Market Research
Get more from the companion to the Handbook on Online & Social Media Research
Handbook on Online and Social Media Market Research
Your single authoritative resource for best practice for internet and social media driven insights.
Market Research Explained
Helping you understand the world of insights and analytics
Market Research Handbook
Essential techniques and methods explained for your practical needs