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Exciting News for ESOMAR Plus Corporate Members!

2024 marked the kickoff of our latest ESOMAR Plus series: "GDPR Essentials: Doing Business in Compliance with EU Privacy and Data Protection", together with Prof. Dr. Paolo Balboni – Founding Partner ICT Legal Consulting.

We are happy to present the calendar of trainings for 2024

Live event
29 May

An insightful training exploring the essential roles of data controllers and data processors under the GDPR. Discover the crucial responsibilities and the legal intricacies that set them apart.

Live event
25 June

Enhance your understanding of data protection and security with an engaging training on the essential technical and organisational measures crucial for protecting personal data. Delve deep into the pseudonymisation and anonymisation techniques.

Live event
16 October

Tackle the challenges of ensuring your marketing and market research practices are legally compliant with applicable data protection rules.

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Meet your team

Our in-house team is composed certified operational, legal and public affairs experts who will collaborate with your operational teams to give you the confidence to comply with global data protection laws. 

ESOMAR is involved with monitoring data protection laws and advocating for you in front of regulators worldwide. So we know what regulators are expecting from you. We offer both an understanding of what the law requires and how this fits into your operational reality.

Claudio Gennaro
Legal and Public Affairs Manager at ESOMAR
Nordin Ahyoud
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Finance at ESOMAR
Paula Fernandez
Standards Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR
Xabier Palacio
ESOMAR Staff, Head of IU & GAPS at ESOMAR
Jules van Vlokhoven
GA & PS Project Coordinator at ESOMAR