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Kristin Luck speaking at WiRE lunch at Congress
Kristin Luck 12 October 2021

ESOMAR Council President Kristin Luck updates the community on the first 6-months of her Council presidency, focusing on the projects executed to benefit you.

Speaker raising arms with tshirt that says WHY
Rhiannon Bryant 12 October 2021

A multi-disciplinary community get-together to cross pollinate knowledge and ideas. We are currently inviting you to get involved and share your edgiest thinking by 18 October!

Attendee writing down notes
Kim Smouter 11 October 2021

Leading insights and analytics expert Crispin Beale is named to oversee operations and growth of the global Insight250 awards for the community.

USA and EU flags
Rex Briggs 10 October 2021

In November 2020, modelling by Rex Briggs predicted an end to the Pandemic in Europe and the US in Q3, 2021.

ESOMAR Congress Participants exchanging a toast
Simone Waller-Klink 8 October 2021
Dynata visual
Bob Fawson 7 October 2021

Estimates on the frequency of fraud in insights and analytics vary, from the low teens to as high as 30-40 percent.

Participant in front of a digital camera
Kim Smouter 6 October 2021

Leading global market research association, ESOMAR, and industry-leading insight technology provider, mTab, team-up to elevate the impact of Insight250 awards.

Photo of Gerard Ryle
Finn Raben 6 October 2021

ESOMAR Insights Festival keynote speaker Gerald Ryle, the investigative journalist behind the release of the Pandora Paper, seeks to inspire you as he discusses the importance of investigative journalism and insights and analytics.

communities in the covid era cover
Dana Cassady 6 October 2021

Within an online environment, participants are extended the freedom to share ideas and sentiments that they otherwise might not feel comfortable sharing

New flagship publications
Xabier Palacio 1 October 2021

Published by ESOMAR, the Global Market Research Report (GMR), the Global Prices Study (GPS) and the Evolution of the Data, Analytics and Insights Industry report are here to give you an overview and analysis of the industry.

Call for Speakers for Future-Proofing and Foresight
Rhiannon Bryant 23 September 2021

For the 4th edition in our 2021 Flagship series we focus on the ambitious themes of Future-Proofing and Foresight. Here's your chance to build your personal brand!

Congress attendees speaking to each other
Judith Passingham 13 September 2021

Published by ESOMAR and GRBN, the new guidelines clarify your key responsibilities when collecting and using personal data worldwide for insights and analytics projects.

Angela Canin 13 September 2021

The challenging times we’re in have constrained some of the choices that people make but it is even more crucial that companies understand what matters most to people and what trade-offs they are willing to make.

ESOMAR Legal Affairs Committee in delegation visit at European Commission
Srikar Govindaraju 18 August 2021

Government Affairs and Professional Standards | August Newsletter

Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade
Kim Smouter 11 August 2021

It was with great sadness that ESOMAR has learnt of Paulo Pinheiro de Andrade’s passing.

The Ethics Study 2021
Srikar Govindaraju 9 June 2021

Government Affairs and Professional Standards | June Newsletter

Join the ePrivacy Coalition
Srikar Govindaraju 13 May 2021

Government Affairs and Professional Standards | May Newsletter

ESOMAR Press Release
Iliya Hull 22 March 2021

World association members elect 7 women, 3 men, from 5 continents to help shape future of the global business community for data, research, and insights

Iliya Hull 15 March 2021

Document seeks to help buyers of research and data analytics to build the right foundations when conducting projects worldwide

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