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Mumbu awarded National Reps Award
Serge Mumbu 1 December 2021

Serge Mumbu, National Representative for Democratic Republic of Congo, is awarded for his efforts to promote ESOMAR in Africa's emerging markets. Discover how he reacts to being granted a prize.

Insights for the environment, Secondary Data, AI, and winter reading
Srikar Govindaraju 1 December 2021

Government Affairs and Professional Standards Newsletter | December 2021

Urpi Torrado giving an interview
Marie-Agnes Mourot de Lathyle 30 November 2021

Urpi Torrado, National Representative for Peru, is awarded for her tireless efforts to promote ESOMAR in Latin America's emerging markets. Discover what inspired the jury to grant her a prize.

Wim Hamaekers speaking in front of an image of a futuristic metallic elephant
Crispin Beale 30 November 2021

Wim Hamaekers, who is the founder of One Inch Whale, serves as the Managing Director of Thin Slicing and is the Belgium Representative for ESOMAR.

Apple store
Gytis Gelzinis 29 November 2021

Apple App Store has become one of the most wanted mobile marketplaces among the world's developers

ESOMAR young volunteers speaking in a circle
Kim Smouter 29 November 2021

ESOMAR's Diversity and Inclusion Working Group is exploring how to achieve more diverse teams in insights and analytics by focusing on generating best practices for talent attraction and retention.

Two attendees focussed on their laptop screens
Kim Smouter 29 November 2021

ESOMAR updates you on improvements made to improve your access to country overview information provided by representatives, associations, and legal experts.

Narrow section of secondary data guideline cover
Srikar Govindaraju 29 November 2021

The feedback window on this key piece of guidance has been extended, find out more and have your say.

Covid-19 vaccine
Rex Briggs 26 November 2021

Trump Appointees block OSHA testing or vaccination rule, resulting in 35,000 to 45,000 more deaths over the next three months

Climate crisis
Jo Bowman 25 November 2021

Using data and insight to tackle problems for the planet

work from home
Giulia Fabrizi 24 November 2021

Step 3 – The workspace environment and atmosphere

Jan Gooding
Crispin Beale 23 November 2021

Jan Gooding,President of the Market Research Society, Executive Committee Member of Women in Advertising London and a Fellow of the Marketing Society

ESOMAR speakers engaged in a physical exercise
Marie-Agnes Mourot de Lathyle 23 November 2021

ESOMAR is seeking to hire a North American based Membership Development Director to increase brand awareness and support membership growth of the organization across the USA and Canada. Are you our new superstar?

Climate change
Tom Richardson 22 November 2021

How brands can embrace pessimism following the COP26 conference in Glasgow

ESOMAR’s global top-25 insights companies
Xabier Palacio 19 November 2021

ESOMAR is once again delighted to present its global compilation and ranking of the largest companies providing market research, data, analytics and reporting services.

Big data analytics: Role of automation
Daniel Martin 18 November 2021

Thanks to automation, data analytics has also become more accessible and cost-effective thanks to automation.

Shobservatory Research Chronicles: Madvertising
Shobha Prasad 17 November 2021

(M)advertising testing

Website experience improved
Kim Smouter 16 November 2021
Crispin Beale 16 November 2021

Second part of a conversation with two individuals who are disrupting the creative advertising space through insight and innovation: Sir Martin Sorrell, Executive Chairman of S4 Capital and Scott Spirit, its Chief Growth Officer.

Bringing students to insights and analytics
Alina Serbanica 16 November 2021

Read the event debrief from your ESOMAR national represents from Georgia and Romania and discover how you can evolve in the insights and analytics community.

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