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VMÖ and ESOMAR react to alleged abuse of polls in Austria
Andrea Scheiblehner 27 October

Austrian Market Research Association (VMÖ) and ESOMAR clarify unethical business practices will not be tolerated in the insights and analytics community. Research quality is of key importance to retain your trust and confidence.

Ethics and Standards
Crispin Beale 26 October

Learn about the impact of ethics on marketing, insights and market research

choice nudge
Chris Harvey 25 October

Policymakers should give greater consideration to long-term outcomes of nudges

Ethics and Standards
Simon Chadwick 22 October

Do standards and ethics which are so important to us inside our professional lives, extend outside those lives?

Participants taking selfies
Frank Buckler 21 October

How to turn the art of qual into a science of impact?

insight250 call for nominations header
Crispin Beale 20 October

Nominations have opened for the Insight250 awards, celebrating the worldwide leaders and innovators in market research, consumer insights and data driven marketing.

Woman laughing at a conference presentation
Crispin Beale 20 October

Learn about the importance of humour when it comes to leadership and decision making.

Cover of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code
Srikar Govindaraju 15 October

The ESOMAR community has been championing standards since 1948 for the data, research and insights community. Discover what Worlds Standards Day means for you.

Big Tech, AI, Polls and Standards
Claudio Gennaro 15 October

Government Affairs and Professional Standards | October Newsletter

South African healthy habits
Bev Tigar-Basset 14 October

Since COVID-19, there’s been a dramatic shift in consumers’ mindsets globally towards healthier lifestyle habits.

Brand DNA
Giulia Fabrizi 14 October

Step 1 – The Brand DNA: history, vision and mission to build upon

Banner image for Insight250
Crispin Beale 12 October

Part of the Insight from the Insight250 series. Kristin Luck, ESOMAR President is interviewed by Crispin Beale.

Kristin Luck speaking at WiRE lunch at Congress
Kristin Luck 12 October

ESOMAR Council President Kristin Luck updates the community on the first 6-months of her Council presidency, focusing on the projects executed to benefit you.

Speaker raising arms with tshirt that says WHY
Rhiannon Bryant 12 October

A multi-disciplinary community get-together to cross pollinate knowledge and ideas. We are currently inviting you to get involved and share your edgiest thinking by 18 October!

Attendee writing down notes
Kim Smouter 11 October

Leading insights and analytics expert Crispin Beale is named to oversee operations and growth of the global Insight250 awards for the community.

USA and EU flags
Rex Briggs 10 October

In November 2020, modelling by Rex Briggs predicted an end to the Pandemic in Europe and the US in Q3, 2021.

ESOMAR Congress Participants exchanging a toast
Simone Waller-Klink 8 October
Dynata visual
Bob Fawson 7 October

Estimates on the frequency of fraud in insights and analytics vary, from the low teens to as high as 30-40 percent.

Participant in front of a digital camera
Kim Smouter 6 October

Leading global market research association, ESOMAR, and industry-leading insight technology provider, mTab, team-up to elevate the impact of Insight250 awards.

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