VMÖ and ESOMAR react to alleged abuse of polls in Austria

Austrian Market Research Association (VMÖ) and ESOMAR clarify unethical business practices will not be tolerated in the insights and analytics community. Research quality is of key importance to retain your trust and confidence.
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Date 27 October
Author Andrea Scheiblehner

The Austrian insights and analytics market has been impacted by recent political scandals in which allegations of unscrupulous use of polls have emerged. ESOMAR supports the VMÖ in its efforts to retain public trust and confidence in light of emerging news.

The current negative headlines surrounding manipulated survey results are causing considerable damage to the image of the entire market and opinion research industry particularly in Austria but also elsewhere.

In recent days, the political landscape in Austria has changed. Among other things, also caused by practices that are anything but trust-building.

As a result, the entire industry has been discredited. Austrian market and opinion researchers are working according to valid norms and ethical standards. The results are based on scientific surveys and crucial for many decision-making processes. It is annoying when individuals do not adhere to these standards and the impression is created that opinion research results are manipulated.

Therefore, our members commit themselves to strict quality guidelines.

Alice Flamant, President, VMÖ

The VMÖ statement underscores:

  • Zero tolerance to unethical business practices in the industry. The VMÖ clearly distances itself from such practices. The current accusations are serious and absolutely require legal clarification.

  • People working in market and opinion research work reliably and conscientiously. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the issue of quality in market and opinion research has been a central priority of the VMÖ since its formation. Information and further training programmes offered by the VMÖ are widely accepted among our members.

  • All members of the association submit to the international ICC/ESOMAR Code by signing the membership application.

Andrea Scheiblehner
Board Member at VMÖ