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Your voice in the board room and media

At its core, the insights and analytics sector uses various forms of data and human feedback to understand the world around us. Without knowing it, you've probably come in contact with our industry, and it's brought you many unseen benefits.

The sector supports all businesses, from start-ups to the largest multinationals, and accelerates the work of charities and governments to achieve social change. The community strives to provide answers to your big questions.

A sector supporting society and organisations of all types


The sector supports businesses in measuring markets, guiding new product developments, increasing business understanding of consumer needs, and supporting key strategic processes.


The sector gives a voice to service users, makes advocacy campaigning more effective, and raises social understanding. It helps provide credibility to the claims of charities worldwide.


The sector aids governments to improve the quality and responsiveness of public services and guide policies and politicians alike. We provide a voice in front of lawmakers.

A sector evolving with the times

Insights and analytics is a sector directly impacted by the transformations made possible by the digital revolution. With access to data easier than ever, how we use the data and the role we play in supporting you and organisations is fundamentally changing. Nonetheless, our core promise of responsible and ethical use of data in your interest, and our duty of care to you, remains constant.

Polls and public trust and confidence

At the Insights Festival 2020, we interviewed two of the leading polling experts worldwide to ask them to make a case for continued public trust and confidence in opinion polls.

Insights and analytics used in the real world

Understanding COVID-19 impacts

Insights providers from around the world have helped catalogue the social impact of the COVID-19 epidemic by highlighting the changing sentiments of the public and helping health officials to adjust strategies. Businesses are also using these findings to guide their business strategies to pivot in the new business reality.

Increasing conversions

L'Tur, a low-cost last minute travel company, used insights to improve their conversion rates by 70%. To do so, they commissioned the expertise of Vocatus, an insights provider specialising in understanding the eCommerce environment. The research they used led to them understanding the importance of display the fares of their competitors directly on the website.

Achieving more with less

BVA, an insights provider, was commissioned by the French Government to help nudge their citizens to make greater use of digital tax returns, thereby reducing costs and the carbon footprint. By improving the effectiveness of communication campaigns using insights, the Government increased the number of citizens filing their tax returns online, saving over 400 tonnes of paper.

Supporting charities to save lives

Final Mile Consulting was commissioned by My Choices Foundation to understand what drove men to participate in the trafficking of girls in India.

Using ethnography, Final Mile helped My Choices improve its messaging aimed at men to become allies to protect vulnerable girls.

Proving the return on investment

One of the world's leading market research agencies, Nielsen, has used digital techniques to measure the return on investment (ROI) of investing in insights when launching new products. Nielsen found that concepts developed using data analytics and research increase the chances of success by 65%, demonstrating the importance of investing in research to drive innovation adoption.

Using new techniques to generate insights

GfK, a leading insights provider, worked with 250 volunteers in 9 countries, analysing over 12.2 million data points in one of the largest biometric dataset exercises ever conducted. Comedy Central used the project results to demonstrate that, despite commonly held beliefs, positive advertising can generate a 57% increase in customer engagement.

Did you know?

The world's largest survey

The European Union's Eurobarometer is the world's largest public opinion research project and used to shape and influence policies.

Ever more digital

63% of insights and analytics projects are conducted using exclusively online and digital methods.

Led by small and medium companies

The top-10 companies account for 34% of the global insights and analytics turnover.

Insights for the public good

8% of insights and analytics turnover result from projects commissioned and used by public sector and charities for the public good.


In 2020, tech-enabled insights and analytics global turnover grew by 9.9% across all surveyed markets.