Initiatives (Archive)

ESOMAR's members are driven and inspired, the community is brought together by our respect and care of each other, our optimism, and our openness. That's why ESOMAR spearheads initiatives that offer you the opportunity to be inspired and mobilised to improve our community and the world around us.

Forecast. Forward. Faster.

Join us for our final flagship event in 2022 as we explore the future through the lens of predictions, progress and innovations!

Who are the Congress Keynotes?

Meet trends hunter Jeremy Gutsche; Journalist Scilla Alecci from the Panama and Paradise papers investigation; insights-fuelled growth strategist Daniel Quinn and award-winning dancer and choreographer Esie Mensah.

Creativity. Connections. Community.

Celebrating creativity and discovering new connections to inspire a global community of insights champions.

International Market Research Day Celebrations

Join the world's largest community celebrations of Insights and Analytics. Be inspired by the impact Insights and Analytics has on shaping a sustainable world for tomorrow.

Dynamic. Diverse. Digital

Powering-up human insights to steer organisations through change, whilst ensuring the representation of all.

Local Community Events

Connect with your local network by participating in ESOMAR local community events. Organised by your local ESOMAR representative, experience outstanding networking and inspiration moments.

Future-Proofing and Foresight

For the 4th edition of our 2021 Flagship series, get inspired by the value of insights to predict and secure the future with three episodes broadcast on the day.

The Qualitative eXchange

The qualitative eXchange brings a multi-disciplinary community together to celebrate the business value of emotional intelligence.

Insights Festival

The collective wisdom of your industry through case studies, cutting edge methodologies, meaningful conversations and much more.