Young ESOMAR Society

Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) encourages and inspires young professionals to consider and build your rewarding career in the data, research and insights industry.

Your society, your platform

If you're under 30, the Young ESOMAR Society is your dedicated platform allowing you to make first contact with an industry that is eager to welcome you. Young ESOMAR Society helps you achieve a rewarding career helping organisations make sense of their data assets and drive informed decision-making forward to achieve organisational goals and improve your society

Featuring a rich programme of opportunities and activities throughout the year, Young ESOMAR Society will inspire you to reach your rising star potential regardless whether you've just graduated or are making your first inroads into the industry.

A project team dedicated to your needs

You are special and will drive the future of the data, research and insights community that's why we've set up a project team to make sure you're getting the most out of your membership.

Nikki Lavoie
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President at ESOMAR, Founder & CEO at MindSpark Research
Tom De Ruyck
ESOMAR Council Member, Managing Partner and Head of Insight Activation at Human8
Vanessa Oshima
ESOMAR Council Member, Head of Marketing Division and Founder at Heart Data
Lisa Wilding-Brown
ESOMAR Council Member, Chief Executive Officer at InnovateMR
Iliya Hull
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Marketing and Community Coordinator at ESOMAR

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