YES Awards

The Young ESOMAR Society (YES!) Award offers you the opportunity to share your most innovative and brilliant ideas in just 60 seconds to a global audience.
Submit a pitch for a chance to showcase your know-how at one of the ESOMAR global events.

Make your voice heard

When you’re building your personal brand, you have to make your voice heard. What better place to have it heard than at some of the data, research and insights community’s best-attended and most global events? When you pitch your ideas for the Young ESOMAR Society (YES) Awards, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. It's a fantastic opportunity for you to position yourself as one of the emerging, rising stars of this community.

How do you become a YES winner?

How to enter

The first step to becoming a nominee is to have completed a project involving data, research or analytics that you’re particularly proud of.

When you have then, you can send us a 60-second video of your pitch by the deadline mentioned for the specific event where you wish to speak at.

Be as creative as you wish – just be sure your idea is clearly outlined to ensure the judges want to hear more! Once you submit a pitch, a selection panel will review the submissions and choose the finalists.

Who can enter

  • You should be less than 31 years old

  • ESOMAR members and non-members are both welcome to apply

  • Regardless of whether you work specifically in data, research or insights or not, all are welcome

  • Regardless of what role your organisation plays in the data, research and insights ecosystem, all applicants are welcome

  • You can collaborate on a submission (more than one person), but only one person’s registration will be covered per submission - others would need to pay the young professional rate to attend

  • You may select more than one event for your pitch, but please note you will only be allowed to present at one event

The topic

If you want to become the next YES Award recipient, the good news is that you don’t need to focus on any specific theme.

But if you need a little inspiration, perhaps think of how your pitch could:

  • Showcase how you harness emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, virtual or augmented reality to revolutionise data collection, analysis, and visualisation

  • Present innovative approaches to actively engage consumers in research, incorporating co-creation, gamification, online communities, or mobile apps to capture their valuable insights

  • Demonstrate how you integrate sustainability and ethical considerations into your research

  • Reveal methodologies that uncover cultural nuances, regional differences, and global consumer trends, delivering comprehensive insights across diverse markets

  • Ignite a call to action within the industry, create an impact, or drive positive change

The sky is the limit, and your pitch has the potential to shape the industry and inspire a future generation of researchers. Submit your proposal today, and seize the opportunity to showcase your innovative ideas to a global audience.

Don't miss the next deadline to submit...

  • 12 February - Latin America 2024 (7-9 April), Bogotá, Colombia

  • 17 May - Art & Science of Innovation North American Edition (16-18 June), Chicago, USA

  • 19 July - Congress 2024 (8-11 September), Athens, Greece

  • 9 August - Asia Pacific 2024 (6-8 November), Bangkok, Thailand

Questions? Contact

Be inspired by those who came before you

Discover what's inside a 60-second pitch by looking at some of your predecessors in action!

How it happens during our events

1. Elevator pitch

Your application is a short 60-second elevator pitch. If you're selected as a nominee, you have the opportunity to make a 60-seconds pitch to the audience of the event of your choice to earn a chance to make your full presentation.

2. Showtime!

If your presentation is selected by the event attendees, you're halfway there! Now it's showtime. You'll get a chance to present on our mainstage for a full 6sec Pecha Kucha style presentation in front of senior business leaders.

3. Decision time.

Event attendees have the final word, they will vote on your presentation and should it be strong enough, you might have a chance to become an ESOMAR YES award winner and have something to shout about on your CV or resume!

And the 2023 winners are...

Congress Winner

What Brands Can Learn from Tinder

Catherine Wertz
Senion Manager at SKIM

Art & Science of Innovation Winner

From Fleeting Fads to Deep-Innovation Engine

Nathania Christy
Senior Lead at Quantum Consumer Solutions, Singapore

Past winners of the YES Awards

2022 Winner

Sensors and Wearables for Smarter Insights

Bianca Saldanha
ESOMAR Individual Member, Research Executive at Ipsos, India

2021 Winners


Shivani Choksi
Senior Research Associate at Ipsos

Impacting the Market Research Industry with Automated Analyses

Keith Ang

2020 Winners

Time to Destroy the Online Façade

Vardhini Ramesh
Global Business Graduate at Kantar
Joleen Chan
Global Business Graduate at Kantar

2019 Winners

How to catch liars before they lie

Kristen Ball
Global Business Graduate at Kantar

Getting the feels

Debby Ling
Senior Analyst at SKIM

Live lens: Getting closer to consumers

Ellie Inman
Qualitative Research Manager at Sky
Emma Bennett
Qualitative Research Manager at Sky

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