The Qualitative eXchange

The qualitative eXchange brings a multi-disciplinary community together to celebrate the business value of emotional intelligence.
Start 14 December 2021
End 14 December 2021
Digital Yes

What's it about?

The 'Qualitative eXchange' has a dream. 

It is a dream of an in-person event in a gorgeous setting connecting you to a global multi-disciplinary community. A space that welcomes hugs and handshakes and nurtures the cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas. A forum that is enabling a rich tapestry of insight disciplines to identify opportunities together. Just because we need to wait with that plan doesn't mean you need to!

Enjoy a digital sampler encouraging you to discuss, discover, explore and experience the business value of emotional intelligence.


14 December , Tuesday
AI Qualitative
09:00 - 09:45 UTC
Authentic Narratives
11:00 - 11:45 UTC
14:00 - 15:00 UTC

What's in it for me?

Following a series of Community Circles held this Summer together with your User Experience (Ux), Customer Experience (Cx), trend-watching and design thinking peers, four topics will inspire you to discuss, discover, explore and experience on Winter's Day.

The topical focus this year includes:

  • AI,

  • Authentic consumer stories,

  • Empathy frameworks,

  • UX, Design and beyond.

Who is this for?

For Qualitative, Ux and Cx, and insights champions to learn from one another in a collaborative setting, be inspired and grow a multi-disciplinary community together.

With thanks to the Advisory Board

Mina Sfondilis
Director - SCPI Front End Research Team at PepsiCo
Christoph Welter
ESOMAR Representative, Managing Director at Point-Blank
Arindam Mohanty
Associate Director at Kantar
Tom De Ruyck
ESOMAR Council Member, Managing Partner and Head of Insight Activation at InSites Consulting

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