Peter Cooper Award

This award is given to the best paper highlighting qualitative methods during the ESOMAR event season.

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Celebrating your great insights

At ESOMAR events, the insights and analytics community presents some of the most though-provoking and impactful projects undertaken across the world. A vast diversity of topics and impact are showcased through countless scientific papers and inspiring presentations.

We celebrate these stellar event moments through a series of awards including our Peter Cooper Award which celebrates the best scientific paper submission using qualitative methodologies.

Peter Cooper Award Winners

In honour of Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper petting a horse

Peter Cooper, who passed away in 2010, was a psychologist who pioneered the use of the focus group in market research in the 1960s. His company, Cooper Research and Marketing, advised many large companies on consumer behaviour, helping them to understand the market in relation to leading brands. He was a preeminent member of the ESOMAR community championing and improving the use of qualitative methods within the community.

Peter also recognised the potential of market research to empower disadvantaged groups by breaking down traditional structures in society, such as the doctor-patient relationship, and even ventured into the imbalance in equality between men and women, thus seeking to make market research an integral aspect of the democratic process. His work in the last years of his life was preoccupied with the needs of consumers caught in the recession.

What's the prize?

If you're out to build your personal brand, the Peter Cooper Award is a real opportunity to stand out in front of business leaders and data, research and insights professionals from all over the world. Award winners get a number of perks including:

  • A cash prize of EUR €1500.

  • Exposure during the event to make your pitch and full presentation

  • Exposure of your performances on ESOMAR's social media and digital channels

  • Recognition by the industry when included in your CV or resume.

How to win Peter Cooper Award

Who can enter?
Recipients of the Event Best Paper awards for the active season
How do you enter?
How to make the cut
Peter Cooper Award Winner

Past award winners

How it happens during our events

1. Submit Your Paper

Your application features your scientific paper together along with your response to our call for speakers to one of our many qualifying upcoming events. To get the best chance to secure a coveted award is by following the themes announced by the event and the selection criteria.

2. Selection and Showtime!

You're halfway there once your paper is selected for presentation at the upcoming and qualifying ESOMAR event. Congratulations! But now, it's showtime, you'll get a chance to present on our mainstage your presentation in front of senior business leaders and raise your profile.

3. Decision Time

A jury of your peers will examine all of the papers submitted for one of the qualifying events and will make the call as to which of the submitted papers is best deserving of the Peter Cooper Award. Every award winner is automatically entered in the Best Paper of the Year Award.

Be inspired by those who came before you

Our Sponsor

This award is made possible thanks to the generous donation of QRi Consulting.