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The Peter Cooper Award recognises excellence in qualitative research

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Celebrating Excellence in Qualitative Research

The Peter Cooper Award celebrates excellence in Qualitative Research. Peter Cooper, founder and CEO of CRAM International, was a Chartered Psychologist who helped pioneer the use of focus groups, projective techniques and online QualiQuant® in the UK; and then Internationally. He was a great advocate of Qualitative Research and loved ESOMAR.

In recognition of Peter's contribution to the industry, QRi Consulting is proud to have put in place and sponsor this award recognising excellence in the qualitative field.

Peter Cooper, CPsychol, FMRS, (1936-2010)

Peter Cooper - In Search of Excellence

Peter was one of the key figures involved in the re-branding of Motivational Research to ‘Qualitative Research’ - making it a more robust and rigorous practice, helping it become one of the main tools of policymakers and marketeers, and a branch of market research in its own right.

He began his career at the University of Manchester as a Psychology Lecturer and working as a freelance consultant for Ernest Dichter’s Motivational Research Centre in London. He Founded CRAM International in the mid 1960’s and went on to influence the growth and diversification of Qualitative Research as we know it today.

Peter was a great innovator, and advocate of exploring and understanding the consumer mind through the use of in-depth qualitative techniques and advocated that excellence in Qualitative Research provided Clients with competitive advantage.

Peter authored and co-wrote many papers at ESOMAR Congress’s and Conferences from 1978 to 2009, all of which you can find on ESOMAR’s ANA archive website. These include:

  • Value for Money of Qualitative Research’,

  • ‘Humanistic Advertising’,

  • ‘The New Qualitative Technology’,

  • ‘The Future of Qualitative Research’,

  • ‘The Internationalisation of Qualitative Research’,

  • ‘The Essence of International Brand Values’,

  • ‘The Trickster in Modern Advertising’,

  • ‘In Search of Excellence - The Evolution and Future of Qualitative Research.

    Peter was always on a Quest for ‘Excellence’ in Qualitative Research and this award celebrates those who excel in this field.

Past Winners
ESOMAR Peter Cooper Qualitative Excellence Award past winners

What's the prize?

The Peter Cooper Award is a prestigious award allowing the winner to stand out in front of business leaders and data, research and insights professionals from all over the world. Award winners get a number of benefits including:

  • A cash prize of EUR €1500.

  • Exposure during the event to make your pitch and full presentation

  • Exposure of your performances on ESOMAR's social media and digital channels

  • Recognition by the industry when included in your CV or resume.

How to win the Peter Cooper Award

Who can enter?
How do you enter?

2023 Winners Nathalie Coste, Lovebrands and Francky David, Nestlé with Joaquim Bretcha, ESOMAR Director General and Corrine Moy ESOMAR Council Member

This award is made possible thanks to the generous donation of QRi Consulting