Member Sponsorships

Recently, ESOMAR members have been able to offer memberships to professionals around the world through its "Donate a Membership" initiative.

Sponsor a member

Help a professional accelerate their career or develop their network, or participate in making our community more inclusive by giving a membership to someone from a country where our industry is less developed. 

Gift to a person of your choice or make a donation and we'll select deserving persons who could use the help the most. The price of membership varies from €100 to €390. 

Apply for sponsorship

ESOMAR acknowledges that the financial obligations of membership can be difficult to meet. The Donate a Membership initiative sponsors with beneficiaries to subsidise the cost of ESOMAR membership. As a sponsored member, your annual membership fee is paid in full by a donation.

Thank you to our generous superstars!

Anne Brown, Founder of Gazelle Global and the first ESOMAR member to donate a membership