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Start 22 April 2024
End 4 May 2024
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Join us for two weeks of festivities dedicated to Market Research!

Orchestrated by the Turkish Research Association TUAD and coordinated by ESOMAR, we invite you to a global festival of knowledge and innovation. Supported by an alliance of national, regional, and global organizations, we're highlighting the significance of market research and insights in driving societal progress and enhancing lives worldwide. 

Submit Your #IMRD24 Event! 

Organizing an event? Make it part of the global celebration by registering it with us. Don't miss your chance to position your organization at the forefront of the Market Research and Insights community. A better future awaits, through understanding and innovation. 

Are you driven by curiosity about market research and insights? Are you eager to see how they can forge positive changes in the world? Then you cannot afford to miss IMRD24! 

IMRD24 presents an unmatched opportunity to engage with thought leaders and practitioners who utilize market research and insights to drive social innovation, enhance well-being, and address global challenges. Learn how market research and insights can empower you to grasp the needs and preferences of diverse societal segments, develop products and services that are inclusive, accessible, and advantageous, and evaluate and showcase your impact on society. 

A Week of Celebration by ESOMAR: A First of Its Kind 

This year marks a special occasion as ESOMAR introduces a week-long celebration within the festivities, focusing on a variety of themes. We are gathering a rich assortment of events, publications, podcasts, guidelines, and papers, each week dedicated to a unique theme, unfolding over five days! 


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