Diversity and Inclusion

Helping you play a role to boost inclusion, equality and fairness both within our community and beyond in society. Discover our campaign to promote insights and share practices to improve our efforts.


7 December , Tuesday
1 March , Tuesday

On the Road to Best Practice

Listen to the conversations of global thought leaders and stakeholders exploring their role in combating systemic discrimination and exploring how you can improve inclusion of individuals from diverse backgrounds in your organisation and when carrying out your projects.

Recommendations from your peers
Key take-aways from our inaugural Community Circles
What can and can't you ask?
Focusing on the legal requirements to collecting equality data
How can we make survey-driven projects more inclusive?
Focusing on inclusive questionnaire and project design
On the road to best practice
Inaugural ESOMAR Community Circle on Diversity and Inclusion

Our community inspirations for you


Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

With diversity and inclusion emerging as a major topic for the community, our ESOMAR Council has established a working group to steer efforts supporting you to boost your diversity and inclusion efforts and insights.

Nikki Lavoie
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President at ESOMAR, Founder & CEO at MindSpark Research
Michelle Gansle
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President, Global Strategic Insights at McDonald's
Corrine Moy
ESOMAR Council Member, Global VP of Marketing Science at GfK
Lisa Wilding-Brown
ESOMAR Council Member, Chief Research Officer at InnovateMR
Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR
Alfonso Regalado
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Creative Producer (Content & Events) at ESOMAR

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