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Powering-up human insights to steer organisations through change, whilst ensuring the representation of all.
Start 9 March 2022
End 9 March 2022
Digital Yes

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What's it about?

2021 was another year dominated by change.

From the magic of “tech-celeration” and digital transformation empowering homes and corporations, to the deeply divisive disputes in society compelling many to fight for their rights and champion diversity, inclusion and equality. A year pulled and pushed by transformations and tensions around the world.

For many, 2022 feels empowered and energised, yet not all forces of change have pushed equally resulting in other markets and minorities being excluded.

For the 1st edition in our 2022 digital flagship series we will explore the resilience of insights and analytics in navigating this dynamic landscape as well as evidence of powering-up insights to steer organisations, bridge divisions, address the underserved as well as define new spaces for brands.

What's in it for me?

Our 2022 digital Flagship series promises to be at the forefront of showcasing innovation in insights and analytics so that you may learn, share best practice and connect with a very international community.

Who is this for?

For all insights champions and change-makers passionate about their profession and proud to be the compass for their organisation to not only create better brand identities but also a better world for all.

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