Connecting End-users of Insights & Analytics

Learn from your peers and increase your inspiration tank, get feedback on projects and/or business challenges, meet new contacts and collaborators. Let's CLICK! (Clients Learning and Inspiring Clients with Knowledge).
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Connect. Contribute. Create. CLICK!

Meet, hear from, and share your perspective with insights and analytics thought leaders working for some of the largest brands worldwide. Discover what's trending in end-user research, be influenced by what others are working on, receive feedback on business challenges you face, and find future collaborators at the same time! Exclusively for end-users of insights and analytics / corporate researchers / the client-side.

Themes from previous CLICK meetings

New Tools & Methodologies

Agile and design thinking

Leveraging knowledge management platforms

Forecasting and predicting trends with greater certainty

Customer Experience

Measuring customer satisfaction to managing experience

Real-time insights along the customer journey to drive action and increase conversion

Digital Communication

Digital campaign optimisation

Metrics, measurement and linking with offline sales

Storytelling, Influencing & Value Creation

Convincing senior leaders / stakeholders to invest

Keeping insight at the heart of decisions in a “marketing project manager” world

Storytelling to simplify data and embed  best practices

Driving action faster and at scale

Future of the Function

“Democratisation of research” in the age of DIY & AI: opportunity or threat?

What are the changes we'll see in the next five years? How are we planning?

Data & analytics is a big role, how do we integrate?  Is there anything else beyond this? Investing in different areas?

Are people changing the profile of people in their teams?

Different ways of organising ourselves (squad or cloud teams)?

Corporate Membership Working Group

With corporate and end-user researchers continuing to be an important part of the ESOMAR community, our ESOMAR Council has established a working group to direct strategy and offer support that helps you to boost your business, network and inspiration engine.

Michelle Gansle
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President, Global Strategic Insights at McDonald's
Vanessa Oshima
ESOMAR Council Member, Head of Marketing Division and Founder at Heart Data
Joy Uyanwune
ESOMAR Council Member, Head, Global Marketing and Initiatives at Decision Support
Rhiannon Bryant
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Global Content & Events at ESOMAR
Danika Smit
ESOMAR Staff, Global Events Sr Executive & YES Community Manager at ESOMAR
Nordin Ahyoud
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Business Services & Finance at ESOMAR

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