Community Circles

Unique digital sessions that pack a lot of insight into a small hour. They are not your typical sit-down and listen webinars, but instead, join a participative, bottom-up session where you are the star participant.

Missed a session?

Catch up with the community insights and read up on the crowd-sourced findings or listen to a past recording freely available to our members.

Interactive, disruptive, personal.

Grab some water, you’ll need to talk!

Born out of your need to digitally connect during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Community Circle is a short and focussed one-hour to one-and-a-half hour session featuring short ice-breaking presentations from community-sourced experts.

A Community Circle is a moderated conversation. You can participate to share their experiences, their opinions, and their questions and where the crowd works together to find the solutions to the challenges posed and validates best practice recommendations.

ESOMAR Community Circles produce a wealth of knowledge which we capture by recording the conversation for posterity and sharing key recommendations in a key-findings documents which you can use and share with your colleagues.

Digital connections with your peers

In this time of crisis, we all need to be supported and guided by a trustful community and reliable professionals.

The Community Circles launched by ESOMAR is a great opportunity for all of us, working in market research industry, to share and learn tips, solutions, ideas and methods from each other.

Giulia Fabrizi, Founder and CEO Almar Quality Research, Italy

What they bring you

Safe sharing space

Showcase your expertise in an intimate environment

Gain visibility as a subject matter expert in your field as a fire-starter

Throw in your business challenges and get in real-time crowd-sourced solutions

Gain knowledge

Gain a unique insight into emerging global best practice from participants

Identify quickly emerging trends and challenges shared across the world

Learn from markets or players that may be more advanced and move ahead faster

Strengthen your network

Make new contacts across the world with peers facing similar experiences

Speak privately with new contacts during the Circle

Connect with subject matter experts in an intimate setting for further follow-up

Why you should join the next one

I really appreciate the Community Circles for many reasons.
When you are physically locked down, it is very important to open your mind. In this context, it is deeply necessary to understand, analyse, express yourself in order to optimize the present situation and anticipate this totally new future. Exchanges give you views and ideas that you can never have alone. It opens your world vision.
To give a concrete example, I would say that exchanging with an ESOMAR member in Hong Kong made me concretely understand what our concrete future and questions should be because Hong Kong is 2 months in advance in this crisis. The last touch is human and emotional. It is very warm to feel that we are not alone and that we have a big intellectual, organizational and emotional support from ESOMAR representing our community in 130 countries all touched by this Corona crisis. Join us. You will feel better. Thanks!

Isabelle Fabry, CEO, Act Future, France

You're in the driving seat

If you're an ESOMAR member, you're at the driving seat of the Community Circles initiative. You can propose topics that you would like covered in one of the upcoming Community Circles session.

If you have an idea or a burning question you'd like discussed in an safe, open and sharing environment our Community Circles are a great platform for you to share your ideas or get crowd-sourced answers to all your questions.

The Community Circles have been very insightful, stimulating debate and surfacing issues that researchers are facing around COVID-19. Well worth joining these, contributing and exchanging views.

Judith Passingham, former CEO of Global Operations, Ipsos

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