Best Paper of the Year Award

This award is given to the best paper from all individual event best papers awardees throughout an ESOMAR event season.

The award is open only to recipients of the active season's Event Best Paper Award.

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Celebrating your great insights

At ESOMAR events, the insights and analytics community presents some of the most though-provoking and impactful projects undertaken across the world. A vast diversity of topics and impact are showcased through countless scientific papers and inspiring presentations.

We celebrate these stellar event moments through a series of awards including our Best Paper Award which celebrates the best scientific paper submission for each individual event.

Award winner walking down the podium

What's the prize?

If you're out to build your brand, the Best Paper of the Year Award is a real opportunity to stand out in front of business leaders and data, research and insights professionals from all over the world. Award winners get several perks, including:

  • A cash prize of €2,000

  • Exposure during the event to make your pitch and full presentation

  • Exposure of your performances in ESOMAR's social media and digital channels

  • Recognition by the industry when included in your CV or resume

How to win Best Paper of the Year Award

Who can enter?
Recipients of the Event Best Paper awards for the active season
How do you enter?
How to make the cut
Congress 2016 Award Winners speaking

Winners 2022-23

Turning TikToks into Business Insight - How Colart learnt to engage new audiences

Jatin Kuckreja, Colart, UK
Jeremy Hollow, Listen + Learn Research, UK

Jatin Kuckreja
Global Insight Director at Colart
Jeremy Hollow
ESOMAR Individual Member, Founder and CEO at Listen + Learn Research

How it happens during our events

1. Best Event Paper Winner

You've been through this before, your paper has passed the gauntlet of submission, selection, and award by a jury. It is automatically entered to as a nominee for the Best Paper of the Year.

2. Selection

You don't have to do anything more. Your paper will be reviewed again by a jury which will weigh it against other award nominees from the active season in order to make a comparative selection.

3. Decision Time

Once the jury has made their selection known, there will be an award ceremony at our flagship event of the season in order to let the entire community know who is the worthy winner.

Be inspired by those who came before you