75th Anniversary

Join in celebrating your business community's 75th diamond jubilee and participate in our activities to mark this historic birthday.

75 years of....

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In 1947, a group of intrepid individuals came together with a vision. Your business community was founded to bring to life your convictions that a world driven by trustworthy and ethical insights and analytics could be better than one without.

Thanks to you, we are able to celebrate 75 Years of ESOMAR - all year long.

75 years of... Membership

We are celebrating the first of the 12 facets of our Diamond Anniversary. And what better place to start exploring your diamond that what makes it all possible, your membership. In January we celebrating a subscription that has the power to change your life.

Voices of ESOMAR

The ESOMAR community celebrates and remembers the moments that have made ESOMAR a part of insights and analytics professionals' lives for 75 years.

Monthly facets showcasing every benefit

Each month, your business community will be thinking forward by celebrating 12 facets that have made your community such an enduring part of the insights and analytics community. Participate in the many activities and challenges we have planned to mark this special anniversary year.

Calendar of facets


75 years of... Membership


75 years of... Business


75 years of... Knowledge


75 years of... Networking


75 years of... Community


75 years of.... Innovation


75 years of... Solidarity


75 years of....Inspiration


75 years of... Congress


75 years of... Standards


75 years of... Advocacy


75 years of... ESOMAR

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Powering-up human insights to steer organisations through change, whilst ensuring the representation of all.

Who are the Congress Keynotes?

Meet trends hunter Jeremy Gutsche; Journalist Scilla Alecci from the Panama and Paradise papers investigation; insights-fuelled growth strategist Daniel Quinn and award-winning dancer and choreographer Esie Mensah.

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