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Your journey to the stage...

Step 1: Inspire us with a great speaking proposal

Do you have great ideas? New insights to share? Calls to action for the industry?

If you think what you have to say is important, impactful and offers actionable learnings, then we encourage you to summarise the key ideas and send them our way! Keep a close eye on our events page and our newsletters for upcoming calls for speakers. Deadlines vary and we wouldn't want you to miss them!

Step 2: Get selected!

Speaking proposals are selected based on the event's theme, the diversity of submissions received, what kind of direction the programme committee wants to take...and of course how relevant and insightful the content is!

If your ideas are accepted, we will get in touch to walk you through the next steps.

Step 3: Prepare your paper & presentation

Once accepted, you'll be tasked with crafting a presentation (headlines only) and writing a paper (a more in-depth analysis) to share with the audience and our community.

We've included guidelines below to help with both and rest assured, the ESOMAR team will be there to support you every step of the way!

Additional presentation tips from our online event platform ON24

Ensuring your story's success...

Do I have to attend a speaker’s rehearsal?
AV, session flow, Q&A, and more!
How can I promote my participation?
Banners, social media, and more!
Can I get the recordings and/or decks of event presentations?
ESOMAR ANA, on-demand
Can my organisation sponsor the event?
Contact us!

After the event...

Your recorded performance and written paper

You may be interested in getting a conference video recording after an event. We do not provide recordings separately. However, all video recordings and conference papers are made available in our digital resource library by ANA for ESOMAR Members a few weeks after the live event. Papers will also be sent via email to all delegates.

Your entry for event awards

When you speak, you (often) participate in the Best Paper and Best Presentation Award competitions. To celebrate the most inspiring and impactful ideas and presenters, we promote the 1) Best Paper Award voted on by the event's programme committee and 2) the Best Presentation Award, voted on by attendees. Beyond these two, there are other awards that can be won (especially at Congress)! Check out below for an overview...