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In this captivating podcast series, we'll explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on the market research and insights industry. Join us as we delve into the latest advancements, best practices, and ethical considerations surrounding AI, featuring insightful interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.

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Working Groups

Synthetic Data
Case Studies - Knowledge Base

Coordinating Group Members:  

Ray Poynter
President at ESOMAR
Dharmendra Jain
ESOMAR Committee Member, Founder & CEO at ACTNABLE AI
ESOMAR Representative, Senior Vice-President at Ipsos
Corrine Moy
ESOMAR Council Member
Dr Liubov Ruchinskaya
Global Consumer Insights Director, Switzerland at Electrolux
Joaquim Bretcha
Director General at ESOMAR
Dan Fleetwood
President of Research and Insights at QuestionPro
Claudio Gennaro
Legal and Public Affairs Manager at ESOMAR
Xabier Palacio
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Intelligence, Standards and Advocacy at ESOMAR
Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of ESOMAR's Legal Affairs Committee at ENAR
Sue York
Head of Training & Development at The Research Society
Barry Jennings
ESOMAR Corporate Member, Director, Cloud + Com Business Planning Insights at Microsoft, USA
Germaine Reyes
CEO/President at Synergy Market Research
Roland Arabome
Managing Consultant/CEO at PRL Research
Dr Parves Khan
Nikki Lavoie
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President at ESOMAR, Founder & CEO at MindSpark Research
Ravinder Roopra
CPO/DPO Head of Privacy at Kantar
Melanie Courtright
Chief Executive Officer at Insights Association
Adriana Rocha
Co-founder & CEO at EcGlobal
Gregg Archibald
Managing Partner at Gen2 Advisors
Raymond Cyr
Managing Director at Semeon Analytics
Lucy Davison
Founder & Managing Director at Keen as Mustard
Karen Lynch
Head of Content at Greenbook
Steve Mast
Chief Product Officer at Sago
Renee Smith
EVP Global Solutions at Toluna
Kathy Joe
ESOMAR Staff, Consultant to ESOMAR PSC at ESOMAR
Rebecca West
Global President, Research Services Group at CiviCom
Scott Swigart
SVP, Technology Group at Shapiro+Raj
Benjamin de Seingalt, Esq.
Director of Compliance and Privacy at MarketVision Research
Sjoerd Koornstra
Senior CMI Professional, Partner at The House of Insights
Eda Uludere
Privacy Officer | Product & Engineering at Potloc
Elise Misse
Director Global Strategic Insights at Ricola
Jason Zweig
Co-Chair CRIC AI, CanView Managing Partner at CRIC
Steve Male
VP Innovation & Strategic Partnerships at The Logit Group, Inc.
Lisa Salas

Supporting Group Members

Dominique Servant
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Associations Executive Committee at ESOMAR
Navin Williams
CEO at MobileMeasure Consultancy Limited

Coordinating Group Members:  

Lisa Salas

Supporting Group Members

Dominique Servant
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Associations Executive Committee at ESOMAR
Navin Williams
CEO at MobileMeasure Consultancy Limited