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Live event
23 May

ESOMAR invites all CEOs to participate in the second episode of our Global CEO Forum webinar series, exclusively designed and hosted for CEOs.

Live event
29 May

An insightful training exploring the essential roles of data controllers and data processors under the GDPR. Discover the crucial responsibilities and the legal intricacies that set them apart.

Live event
05-06 June

Explore how *Humans Successfully Harness the Power of AI Insights

10 June

¡Sé parte de ESOMAR Connect Barcelona 2024 y explora las tendencias que definirán el futuro de la investigación de mercados y los insights!

12 June

Following a highly successful event last year, ESOMAR Connect Japan returns with captivating presentations from exceptional speakers and an excellent chance to connect with peers.

Live event
14 June

Join us in Chicago on 14 June for a summit tailored to the ambitions and challenges of research buyers.

Sponsored by   Dig Insights
Live event
16-18 June

Coming to Chicago 16-18 June 2024!

Live event
25 June

Enhance your understanding of data protection and security with an engaging training on the essential technical and organisational measures crucial for protecting personal data. Delve deep into the pseudonymisation and anonymisation techniques.

Live event
08-11 September

Join the 2024 Congress and shape the future of insights by harnessing human wisdom, storytelling magic, and cutting-edge technologies.

Sponsored by   Quest Mindshare
Live event
16 October

Tackle the challenges of ensuring your marketing and market research practices are legally compliant with applicable data protection rules.

Live event
06-08 November

Join us in Bangkok and be transformed and inspired by three impactful days of captivating content, connections and celebration.

Live event
20 November

Dive into the handling of data subjects' privacy rights in our upcoming webinar. Uncover practical strategies for maintaining GDPR compliance while respecting individual rights, and discover the exemptions outlined in the GDPR for data controllers.

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