Research Next! Mind Opening Discussions

Hosted in partnership with The Association of Market Surveying and Research Companies (SEDEA) in Greece
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Start 25 Nov, 15:00 UTC
End 25 Nov, 17:30 UTC
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What is the background?

This event is the continuation of the event organized by SEDEA on March 2021 in association with the Institute of Communication and ESOMAR, titled “Research Next! Let’s open the dialogue”, it explored the role of insights in an ever-shifting landscape where needs are continually redefined.

The event examined:

  • How are insights affected by the development of new technologies and the changes brought about by the pandemic?

  • What can you utilize, and what still needs developing?

  • What is happening at an international level, and what is the added value of insights on the Next Day?

Keynote speaker Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, former ESOMAR Council Member | Treasurer, Blue Lemon Insight & Strategy – Founder & Owner, answered many of these and other questions. She spoke alongside Maria Chryssicopoulou, Head of Customer Research & Customer Insights, OPAP, and Costas Houndas, Strategy & Business Analytics Officer, TEMPO OMD.

What is this about?

The event will present inspiring case studies drawn from companies that have changed and are still changing our sector. You will also hear from other sectors, including start-ups that began with a completely different model and introduced new insights in existing markets and from consulting companies that use research in the services they provide to their clients.


Edouard Lecerf
Deputy General Manager at BVA GROUP
Elena Chailazopoulou
Chief Product Officer – Deputy CEO at CONVERT GROUP
Stathis Haikalis

A warm thanks to your Organising Committee who will also be joining the deliberations including:

  • Valeria Tsamis, SEDEA President & Managing Director, FOCUS BARI.

  • Angela Stathopoulou, SEDEA Treasurer, ESOMAR Representative & Partner-Research Director, METRON ANALYSIS.

  • Titos Simitzis, General Manager, ALTERNATIVE RESEARCH SOLUTIONS.

  • Dorina Fydani, Consumer Insights Leader, Greece, Bulgaria & Adriatic, NIELSEN IQ.

  • Vivi Ordolis, Partner-Brand Strategy, THE RESEARCH HIVE.

What will you learn?

You will gain perspective from international examples but also see how these work in the reality of Greece.

Who is this for?

For all insights and analytics professionals who wish to embrace change.