Propelling Qualitative Research into the Digital Age

How AI, Technology and Innovation are Enhancing Insights and Capabilities
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Start 21 Jun, 16:00 UTC
End 21 Jun, 17:00 UTC
Location Online


What's it about?

Research technology has been transforming the market research industry throughout the last decade. However, in this digital age of research, where huge leaps and inroads have been made overall, qualitative research has been late to evolve. Now, in the last couple of years, technology and digital evolution for Qual is taking place at an accelerated rate.  

A huge portion of the qual segment has migrated online and is now supported by a myriad of technological applications spanning automated tagging, AI translations, live emotional metrics for moderator probing such as facial coding, heart rate, GSR the ability to treat qualitative information as data via content and sentiment analysis, and more.  

The impact of tech-enabled qual is significant to both practitioners and end-users. Some of these include new depths of insight provided by the ability to register non-verbal cues, along with spoken ones, deeper understanding of emotional response to advertising and marketing stimuli, and the ability to systematically track similar spoken words for objectively assessing consistency of response. From a process standpoint, technology importantly makes the new Qualitative methods faster, cheaper and easier to implement.

What's in it for me?

We will examine the new technologically advanced state of qualitative methodologies and demonstrate how to get more objective information, deeper insights, emotional learning and actionable outcomes, along with speed and affordability.  We will demonstrate how the industry is catching up to bring qualitative research to the heights of digital innovation and value.

Who is this for?

This webinar will be valuable for everyone that designs, sets-up, moderates, analyzes or uses the insights from qualitative research. It is especially invaluable for clients and creative end-users to learn about what is possible in making qualitative research more objective, easier to analyze and deeply more insightful exploring, not only what is said, but what is felt.

All registrants will receive a link to the online recorded video, so you can view the webinar at a later time if more convenient.

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Elissa Moses
Partner at HARK Connect, CEO at BrainGroup Global
Ed Keller
Executive Director at University of Georgia | MRII

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