Let's CLICK - NA & EMEA - May

ESOMAR brings together end-users of insights and analytics to share, soundboard, and inspire one another.
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Start 17 May, 13:00 UTC
End 17 May, 14:00 UTC
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Quick summary of this CLICK

Empowering Insights through Empathy

How does qualitative research help us to better understand people and society, in what ways needs are evolving and how we can serve them more completely?

Data on its own cannot make sense of the world. Without context, without emotion and without story, data – or facts – are never given the chance to provide real meaning. With technology evolving at such speed, we need to be smarter at leveraging its power, especially from a qual perspective. That means combining technology with the asset we most understand above all else – our humanness.

If this topic is relevant to you, please come join our next ESOMAR CLICK session to share our common challenges and discuss possible solutions.

This session will focus on Empathy - from human insight and stakeholder perspective to connect & influence. Some possible directions to explore:

  • How does it drive our team's engagement, why do we need to care?

  • Why would they care, how does it fit their bigger agenda, how does company benefit?

  • How does it fit in bigger social & cultural context?

  • What is in it for the customer & consumer, why would they care?

CLICK is a long-time initiative of ESOMAR to offer an informal and interactive place for connection, sharing, soundboarding and inspiration - exclusive to end-users of insights and analytics / client-side researchers.

In response to community demand, ESOMAR is thrilled to be organising monthly CLICK meetings for the entirety of 2022.

What's in it for me?

These interactive one-hour sessions can vary in topics, as the discussion is guided by those attending; however, all CLICK sessions offer:

  • A network of peers in similar roles interested in sharing best practices to help you resolve any business challenges you may have or encounter

  • An overview of what's trending, top of mind, and on the agenda for other end-users / client-side researchers to inspire you, your team and your work

  • A safe space, void of sales pitches and exclusively for you, the end-user, to openly contribute, question and make comments on what's discussed

Who is this for?

This CLICK Community Circle is a must-attend for all end-user / client-side researchers. Please note, research agencies, suppliers and consultants will not be permitted into CLICK circles, though we do encourage checking out and joining other ESOMAR events and circles.

How do I join?

Register via the 'join' button, and we will send you a Microsoft Teams link closer to the date, which will allow you to join the discussion.


Fenny Léautier
Head MI & Analytics Personal Health at Philips