Inclusive Recruitment and Retention

This Community Circle explores practices that can create a more inclusive recruitment process and improve your ability to retain diverse talent in your project teams and organisation.
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Start 7 Dec, 12:00 UTC
End 7 Dec, 13:30 UTC
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What's it about?

Making data, research and insights more inclusive is set to become an important selection metric for users and buyers but also important to achieve better outcomes within your projects. Acquiring and keeping a diverse team ensures you can develop projects with the right level of sensitivity for your stakeholders and a good awareness of potential biases.

This session will go into more detail about how we make this happen in a global environment, we will share emerging good practice and discuss what more can be done within our community to make our community more attractive to a diverse talent poll.

What's in it for me?

This interactive Community Circle offers you:

  • Inspiring fire-starters from around the world sharing their experiences and expertise in sourcing a more diverse talent pool

  • A safe-space to share your own experiences, ideas, or challenges in building an inclusive talent recruitment and retention programme

  • A place to acknowledge and explore the challenges

Who is this for?

This Circle is a must-attend for anyone having responsibilities for diversity and inclusion within their organisation or simply having an interest in making our professional community more inclusive for people of all walks of life. It will be a great session especially for those working in human resources, or responsible for managing project teams.


Corrine Moy
ESOMAR Council Member, Global VP of Marketing Science at GfK
Silke Muenster
Chief Diversity Officer at Philip Morris International
Magda-Sarah Boulabiza
Advocacy Officer at ENAR
Fiona Blades
ESOMAR Individual Member, President and Chief Experience Officer at MESH Experience

Organised by the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

Nikki Lavoie
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President at ESOMAR, Founder & CEO at MindSpark Research
Corrine Moy
ESOMAR Council Member, Global VP of Marketing Science at GfK
Michelle Gansle
ESOMAR Council Member, Vice-President, Global Strategic Insights at McDonald's
Lisa Wilding-Brown
ESOMAR Council Member, Chief Research Officer at InnovateMR
Kim Smouter
ESOMAR Staff, Head of Public Affairs & Professional Standards at ESOMAR
Alfonso Regalado
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Creative Producer (Content & Events) at ESOMAR