ESOMAR Council

ESOMAR Council are data, research and insights professionals from all over the world brought together by their passion to support every data, research and insights professional and to support ESOMAR champion your voice.


Elected for a 2-year mandate, ESOMAR Council are passionate data, research and insights professionals elected by you and your peers to lead our business community and champion your voice on the global stage.

The Council is made up of 10 members from across the globe who are responsible for ensuring ESOMAR achieves its overall vision, mission and objectives towards you.

ESOMAR President

Ray Poynter
President at ESOMAR

Executive Committee (ExecCo)

ESOMAR Council meets on a regular basis to set strategic objectives and priorities and monitor progress towards them on your behalf. In between Council meetings, the Council delegates its executive authority to the Executive Committee (also referred to as the ExecCo). They ensure a more immediate response to emerging opportunities and challenges facing your community.

Vice President

Tom De Ruyck
ESOMAR Council Member, Managing Partner and Head of Insight Activation at Human8, Belgium


Corrine Moy
ESOMAR Council Member

Council Members

The full members of the Council are responsible for representing your voice on Council, they are active participants in the community responsible for listening to and anticipating your needs and expectations for ESOMAR.

ESOMAR Representative, Senior Vice-President at Ipsos
Dharmendra Jain
ESOMAR Committee Member, Founder & CEO at ACTNABLE AI
Dr Liubov Ruchinskaya
Global Consumer Insights Director, Switzerland at Electrolux
Alain Mizrahi
ESOMAR Council Member, Treasurer at ESOMAR, Chief Executive Officer at Grupo RADAR
Martha Llobet
Founder, Spain at Q2Q Global
Jean-Marc Léger
ESOMAR Council Member, President, Canada at Leger

Ex-Officio President

As established by our Statutes, the preceding President sits on Council one additional term as the ex-officio president making their expertise and institutional memory available to Council. Their role to ensure consistency between mandates ensuring your community and its resources are managed in a consistent way for your benefit. 

Kristin Luck
ESOMAR Council Member, Ex-Officio at ESOMAR, Founder and Managing Partner at Scalehouse