Country Overviews

Explore the knowledge sourced from ESOMAR's network of national representatives and ESOMAR's association partners to help you navigate essential information about conducting and using insights and analytics in local markets.

Your global compass for compliance

With our free-to-use and access country overviews, ESOMAR's community shares with you essential baseline information all insights and analytics professionals you might need to know before conducting a project in their country.

The overviews help answer your key questions, including:

  • What are the rules that apply to my insights and analytics activities in the country? 

  • Are there specific requirements and questions I should avoid asking? 

  • What are the specific requirements for data handling that I must apply to stay compliant?

Powered by data from the GMR

Supplementing the information provided by local experts is information made publicly available from the Global Market Research Report (GMR) appended to each country overview.

The GMR is your leading source of information about the state of insights and analytics markets worldwide, including trends and developments impacting the insights business community. The GMR is a loved member perk but can also be purchased separately.