Our Committees make ESOMAR possible.

Fellow ESOMAR members give their time voluntarily to prepare guidance, launch inspiring initiatives, and bring you and the community together with a common purpose.

Led by your peers, working for you

Much of the work of ESOMAR is made possible by the tireless efforts of community members like you, who are willing to give their time to work on concrete tasks in service of the community. Through our Committees, we ensure that our work is impactful and applicable to you, wherever you are.

Statutory Committees

Our permanent committees, established under our Statutes, help drive strategic projects essential to building an enabling environment for you and your organisation. They monitor developments, initiate projects, issue guidance and guide our resources to meet your needs.

Professional Standards Committee

ESOMAR’s Professional Standards Committee brings together a range of industry experts to help develop and guard these principles worldwide. This enables ESOMAR to issue you relevant and fit for purpose guidelines.

In the event of a complaint, the PSC is also responsible for investigating any breach of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code.

Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Kathleen Frankovic
ESOMAR Committee Member, Consultant at YouGov
Philippe Guilbert
ESOMAR Committee Member, Consultant at Syntec Conseil
Reg Baker
ESOMAR Ambassador, ESOMAR Ambassador for North America at ESOMAR
Finn Raben
ESOMAR Staff, Director General at ESOMAR
Jon Puleston
ESOMAR Committee Member, Vice-President Innovation Profiles Division at Kantar
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner
ESOMAR Committee Member, Managing Director and Vice-President at GfK
Raelene Martin
ESOMAR Committee Member, Deputy Director, Trade and Investment at International Chamber of Commerce
John Crockett
ESOMAR Committee Member, Professional Standards Committee Member at Canadian Research Insights Council
Maria Alvarado
ESOMAR Committee Member, Senior Partner at Brand Leadership Group

Disciplinary Sub-Committee

ESOMAR's Disciplinary Sub-Committee supports the Professional Standards Committee by addressing your complaints together with the executives of the Professional Standards team. They work to resolve your complaints as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Kathleen Frankovic
ESOMAR Committee Member, Consultant at YouGov
Prof. Dr. Raimund Wildner
ESOMAR Committee Member, Managing Director and Vice-President at GfK
Srikar Govindaraju
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Standards Programmes Coordinator at ESOMAR

Disciplinary Committee

The ESOMAR Disciplinary Committee is the final and highest port of call for any disciplinary procedure. Chaired by an independent legal expert, the Committee draws upon the most experienced researchers to form an investigatory panel for each complaint. The Committee ensures the highest levels of discretion, scrutiny, and independence when dealing with any complaint.

Legal Affairs Committee

ESOMAR's Legal Affairs Committee brings together some of the industry's leading data protection, compliance, and public affairs experts. Their role is to monitor emerging regulations and laws that may impact you and ensure you benefit from a good understanding of their key requirements.

Additionally, the Legal Affairs Committee is often tasked with supporting our industry advocacy efforts meeting with legislators and regulators worldwide to raise awareness of your needs and your value to modern societies.

Mike Cooke
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee at ESOMAR
Amy Yeung
ESOMAR Committee Member, VP and Deputy General Counsel, comScore at comScore
Alexander J.J.T. Singewald
ESOMAR Committee Member
Rupert van Hüllen
ESOMAR Committee Member, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Ipsos at Ipsos
Veronica Torres
ESOMAR Committee Member, Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer at comScore
Natalya Spuling
ESOMAR Committee Member
Ulrike Welsch-Janseen
ESOMAR Committee Member, Senior Manager, Data Protection and Compliance at GfK
Gillie Abbotts
ESOMAR Committee Member, Global General Counsel and Data Protection Officer at Kantar
Anne-Marie Horgan
ESOMAR Committee Member
George Callard
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer at Nielsen

Associations Executive Committee

ESOMAR's Associations Executive Committee helps coordinate the Associations Service of ESOMAR towards the community of national and international associations, which promote the values of the ICC/ESOMAR Code within their local communities. Their role is to support capacity-building and encourage joint working to strengthen the application of the ICC/ESOMAR Code and its principles worldwide.

Dominique Servant
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Associations Executive Committee at ESOMAR
Reg Baker
ESOMAR Ambassador, ESOMAR Ambassador for North America at ESOMAR
John Tabone
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chief Administrative Officer at Canadian Research Insights Council
John Smurthwaite
ESOMAR Ambassador, Ambassador for the Asia-Pacific Region at ESOMAR, President at Marketing Research Society of Malaysia
Philippe Guilbert
ESOMAR Committee Member, Consultant at Syntec Conseil
Alessandra Frisso
ESOMAR Committee Member, Commercial Director at H2R Pesquisas
Pravin Shekar
ESOMAR Representative, Kreator-in-chief at Krea, Committee Member at ESOMAR
Patricio Pagani
ESOMAR Committee Member, Founder at The Black Puma

Project committees

Our project committees are established to achieve a specific task, from selecting the content featured at an event to meet your expectations or executing initiatives that may benefit you.

Programme Committees

Our programme committees and advisory boards help us deliver inspiring content to our event programming by identifying hot emerging topics impacting you, chairing our sessions to ensure you get the most out of them, and helping us source inspiring and thought-provoking contributors.

Research World Editorial Board

The Research World Editorial Board supports the Research World team deliver great content by identifying hot emerging topics, sourcing inspiring and thought-provoking contributors and evaluating content to ensure it's relevant for you.

Simon Chadwick
ESOMAR Individual Member, Managing Partner at Cambiar Consulting, Editor in Chief of Research World at ESOMAR
Jack Miles
Senior Research Director at Northstar Research Partners, Research World Editor in Chief, Online at ESOMAR
Annelies Verhaeghe
ESOMAR Individual Member, Managing Partner and Head of Platform Innovation at InSites Consulting
Elias Veris
Global Operations Lead at Google for Startups
Fiona Blades
ESOMAR Individual Member, President and Chief Experience Officer at MESH Experience
Kyle Findlay
Senior Data Science Director (Innovation) at Kantar
Nisha Yadav
Senior Vice-President, Omnichannel Research at Behaviorally
Rex Briggs
Executive Chairman of the Board at Marketing Evolution
Selin Cetinelli
ESOMAR Individual Member, Consumer and Market Insight Director at Unilever
Angela Canin
ESOMAR Staff, Senior Manager for New Business Development at ESOMAR
Kathy Joe
ESOMAR Staff, Research World Editorial Consultant at ESOMAR

Flagship Series Advisory Board

Our flagship series offers you great content delivered on our digital platform. The Advisory Board supports us to select for you the best content and hottest contributors as our community anticipate changes in the business environment.

Congress Programme Committee

The flagship summit of our community connecting you with your global peers around the world. Our Programme Committee helps define our programme and select the best peer content and hottest contributors to inspire you. They are key to ensuring that every minute of our event is relevant for you and your objectives.