22 Questions to help Buyers of AI Based Services Consultation (draft)

Please comment on ESOMAR 22 Questions to help buyers of AI-based services for market research and insights by November 24.

You can submit your amendments to professional.standards@esomar.org.

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What is the checklist?

This Checklist has been designed to facilitate discussion between buyers and providers of AI-based services. The aim is to help practitioners and buyers ensure there is an appropriate level of transparency, that trust and confidence in the field are maintained and that applicable privacy laws are respected. The intention is to promote fair, transparent, responsible and ethical usage of AI in research.

The material is divided into several sections, including information about the company, whether the AI capability or service is transparent, fit for purpose, trustworthy, and ethical, and consideration of ‘human in the loop’ oversight.

Why is it important?

An important issue in this rapidly expanding area is data governance and there is a section on data protection and security requirements as well as issues relating to intellectual property and copyright.

The material gives the main topic/s for discussion under each heading and then some context about why the area is a relevant one for consideration.

We welcome your comments.

Working team

Barry Jennings
ESOMAR Corporate Member, Director, Cloud & Comm. Business Planning Insights at Microsoft, USA
Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Kathy Joe
ESOMAR Staff, Consultant to ESOMAR PSC at ESOMAR
Phil Sutcliffe
Managing Partner at Nexxt Intelligence
Ravinder Roopra
CPO/DPO Head of Privacy at Kantar