Tools and Services for Unstructured Data Analysis

Helping users and buyers of tools and services for unstructured data to ask the right questions to their suppliers and increase the success of your project right from the start.

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The right tools for the right job

The world is awash with text, audio, image, and video data, and the ability to gather and analyse it continues to grow exponentially. It's becoming essential to use tools and service providers to help make sense of it. Just as the data is growing exponentially, so are the tools and services to help you collect and analyse it.

Our guidance document helps you navigate through the noise. Our briefing questions make your buying process easier by pointing out the questions you must ask to ensure you're getting the right tool or service for your project. Not every tool are suitable for all project. Therefore the guide helps you to make sure you understand the advantages of the tools on offer.

Helping buyers

These briefing questions help buyers:

  • Better understand the tools and services that are being offered,

  • Ensure that what they receive is in line with their expectations,

  • Provide more comparable metrics to support the purchasing decision.

Helping service and tool providers

Providers of such tools and services can use this document to:

  • Post their own answers to these briefing questions online to increase transparency, 

  • Enable buyers to compare services of different suppliers better.

An international project team of experts

The briefing questions were crafted by international experts in the field who provide these solutions and work with buyers on their projects featuring unstructured data. They've worked to ensure you get the right start on any project involving collecting and analysing unstructured data sets.

Reg Baker
Past ESOMAR Ambassador for North America at ESOMAR
Michalis Michael
ESOMAR Individual Member, Chief Executive Officer at Digital MR
Joaquim Bretcha
Director General at ESOMAR
Francesco D’Orazio
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Pulsar
Seth Grimes
Founder at Alta Plana
Jan Kringels
Head of Global Net Promoter Programme at Vodafone
Annelies Verhaeghe
Chief Platform Officer at Human8
Michelle Roseman-Turner
Vice-President of Product Strategy at Stratifyd