The Code of Conduct sets the standard for ethical and professional conduct for the global data analysis, research and insights community. It is enforced worldwide by a global values-based partnership.

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It's all about trust

Every day, vital projects involving data and research are carried out to generate new insights about our world and guide decision-making. Continued trust and confidence in these important activities are key.

The ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct serves all organisations and professionals working with insights and analysis. The Code helps by outlining the accepted global requirements and practices for your projects and activities.

The Code describes your key responsibilities towards participants involved in research, users and buyers of data and insights, and the general public.

Three core principles to guarantee ethical conduct


You commit to transparency when collecting personal data from participants.

This includes being transparent about what information is collected, why it is collected, with whom it will be shared, and in what form.


You commit to protecting personal data collected and used from unauthorised access or sharing.

This is particularly for any information directly collected or re-used in your projects and information shared with other parties.

Duty of Care

You commit to a duty of care that prevents harm to participants or reputational damage.

This goes from ethical behaviour to protect participants to ethical behaviour towards business partners and the public.

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