Guideline for Researchers and Clients Involved in Primary Data Collection

The Primary Data Collection guideline guides you in circumstances where you collect data directly from or about a data subject for your insights project.

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Securing your basic building blocks

Data sits at the heart of many insights and analytics projects. They are the basic building blocks to generate verifiable information. Good data collection at the start ultimately leads to better actionable insights for individuals and organisations alike. When you collect data yourself to apply them to your insights project, this is primary data collection.

Our guidance aims to support you when collecting personal data directly to use in your projects. It points out critical aspects you need to consider, including your ethical considerations, and global compliance trends to take into account.

Crafted for you by our project team

This guide was produced by a dedicated team of international experts in online sampling, ensuring the guidance is informed by global best practices and real-world experiences. Meet our project team below.

Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Reg Baker
Past ESOMAR Ambassador for North America at ESOMAR
Debrah Harding
Managing Director at Market Research Society
Andrew Cannon

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