Children, Young People, and Other Vulnerable Individuals

Our guidance ensures the success of your international projects involving these categories of our populations.

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Up to date recommendations

Our guidance equips you with the latest international recommendations in the field. Working with children and vulnerable individuals demands a specific approach and extra care by you to ensure confidence in their involvement in your projects.

The document looks at key issues, such as defining a child's age in different countries or who can give consent when data is collected. Ultimately, it helps you develop projects that respect vulnerable individuals and children or young people and their parents.

A must-read for professionals

Cover all your bases

Our practical guidance covers all of the key aspects you have to get right including:

  • How to obtain appropriate consent in online surveys.

  • What parents and guardians need to know before their child participates in the study.

  • Measures to take when children are doing product testing.

  • What researchers should do when working with children's social media data, photos or audio/video recordings of children.

Short on time? Use our Cheat Sheet

And if you're short on time, you can always use our handy cheat sheet, which summarises all the requirements highlighted in our guidance.