37 Questions to Help Buyers of Online Samples

Get the most out of your online samples and your partnership with sample providers.

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Get a good foundation

Successful online research starts with a good foundation. That foundation is your sample. This guide gives you the framework to follow when evaluating and buying the services of online sample providers. More than just a checklist, the guide offers you the tools to have the right conversations with the sample provider to get the best sample possible.

This guide gives you the questions you need to identify the key issues and introduce consistent terminology. It explains why each question should be asked and indicates the issues buyers should expect to be covered in an answer.

Behind the scenes

Watch and listen to our experts explain how they went about making the document and the challenges they resolved for you when it comes to buying and using online samples.

Introducing the project team
Discover their expertise and their experiences
The toughest challenges resolved
What were the hardest questions to give guidance on according to the project team?
How should the questions be used?
Is it a checklist, a marketing tool for sample providers, or something different?
How do you know if you've got good samples?
The metrics that help to judge the quality
Are there any wrong or right answers?
Describing the red lines not to be crossed.
Responsibilities for the buyers of online sample
With great power comes great responsibility
What will the future look like?
Forecasting how online sampling might further change
Who should use this document and why?
Back to basics, the project team explain whether this document for you

Crafted for you by our project team

This guide was produced by a dedicated team of international experts in online samples, ensuring the guidance is informed by global best practices and real-world experiences.

Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Reg Baker
ESOMAR Ambassador, ESOMAR Ambassador for North America at ESOMAR
Melanie Courtright
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chief Executive Officer at Insights Association
Pete Cape
ESOMAR Individual Member, Global Knowledge Director at Dynata
Peter Milla
ESOMAR Individual Member, Data Protection Officer at Cint

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