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What is the checklist?

This guidance material focuses on the use of AI whilst undertaking research activities as opposed to other business processes or third-party AI programs.

The checklist addresses the Use of AI in research activities: Encompassing commercial research offerings, bespoke services, research product development, participant interaction methods, research operations, post-analysis, and proprietary syndicated datasets.

The Questions include five sections:

  1. Company profile to help gain an understanding of the credentials of the supplier organisation.

  2. Questions about the AI capability/service explainable and fit for purpose to help buyers evaluate AI services from a practical standpoint and determine if the capability aligns with their business purpose.

  3. A section on whether the AI service is trustworthy, ethical and transparent to clarify whether the buyer and supplier are aligned on ethical principles as well as issues such as potential biases, data security and resilience.

  4. Questions about how has the company provided human oversight of the AI system to help buyers understand how human involvement has been incorporated into the development and operation of the AI service.

  5. A section on the data governance protocols to help buyers understand whether the supplier is appropriately aware of the legal frameworks that govern AI based activities.

We invite you to explore the Checklist and leverage it in your journey towards responsible, ethical, and transparent AI usage in research.

Companies are invited to post their own answers to the questions to provide and promote transparency about their services. For more information contact professional.standards@esomar.org

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The checklist is available in English and Spanish versions.

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Working Team

Barry Jennings
ESOMAR Corporate Member, Director, Cloud + Com Business Planning Insights at Microsoft, USA
Judith Passingham
ESOMAR Committee Member, Chair of the Professional Standards Committee at ESOMAR
Kathy Joe
ESOMAR Staff, Consultant to ESOMAR PSC at ESOMAR
Phil Sutcliffe
Managing Partner at Nexxt Intelligence
Ravinder Roopra
CPO/DPO Head of Privacy at Kantar